B as in Bald

concept development UX/UI design visual design front-end development motion design

Total visual communication system for creative consultation: identity system, responsive web hub, and blog


concept development, design, develop


JavaScript, HTML/(S)CSS

Dev Tools:

Jekyll, GitHub Pages


Some call it shoemaker's shoes problem: I've been busy making visual solutions for clients yet never fully developed my own communication system. Upon starting my own independent consultancy after years of full-time career in the agency world, I had to be equipped with a clear platform for operation. Ultimately, I needed to convey that I'm not just another web designer who codes or another front-end developer who is good at Photoshop, and that I am a conceptual thinker, problem-solver, and builder who can perform fluently across media—upon atoms or bits.


The immediate goal was two-fold: 1) to create a visual identity system with cross-platform versatility, and 2) to develop an online platform as a professional hub. As for point #1, I conceptualized around minimal geometry that can construct from simplest shapes to the most complicated fractal structures, which connotes my professional versatility. Once I designed a logotype out of basic geometry, a vibrant color palette and motion elements were applied. To translate the motion and flexibility to print, I created a series of abstract patterns using the same geometric element and printed on the back of business cards.

Dev Notes:

Website is handcrafted from scratch in HTML/(S)CSS/JS with mobile-first approach, and finalized with Jekyll. All content sections are available in both English and Korean, each properly tagged with language meta data for proper SEO. <head> section was carefully crafted with practical meta data, including Open Graph tags. Everything was built with the modularity and flexibility in mind—from graphics to interactive components—and as an extended goal, each element will expand in scale and in content over time.