Born in New York

Celebrating a newborn baby's life beginning, complete with her own logo, blog, photos, and interviews.


design, develop, art direction, videography


During pregnancy, my wife and I have talked a lot about parenthood and childhoodsharing each other's childhood memories, how our parents raised us, and how their parents raised them. Realizing that there wasn't much record of our upbringing other than random photos taken sporadically, we wanted to keep documenting our experience and growth as new parents as well as the life journey of our newborn.


The entire process expanded organically from naming exercise and logo design, to video-recording interviews, and to build a Jekyll-based blog platform. The first web element made public was the baby announcement site, which later became incorporated to the main blog site after Hana was born and her logo design completed. A dedicated YouTube Playlist as the video archive grows, and our parental introspections and Hana's growth milestones are continuously added to both the video channel and Jekyll blog.

Hana's Logo Hana's Logo

Interview series: Young-Mi on Motherhood

Interview series: Bumhan on Fatherhood

Baby announcement site Baby announcement site

Born in New York Blog Born in New York Blog

Document video series: The Birth