B2B Talent Search

Redesigning UX/UI for an internal talent search tool for international multi-agency creative corporation.


Young & Rubicam Group


UX/UI design, motion development


With the extensive employee database covering its entire agency network across the world, Young & Rubicam Group had a very powerful internal search tool with sophisticated filtering algorithm. If looking for talents with specific expertise and experience, you could easily find them no matter which child company of YRG network they work for. Despite its usefulness, the usage rate of this tool was remarkably low. The key issue was poor UI/UX that had been designed 15+ years earlier, which made it difficult and confusing to use the site.


We completely rethought the user flow and data presentation UI, so that it becomes much more intuitive to users. Navigation got reduced to only two items, and a daunting list of search options were hidden by default while still easily available when needed. Visually moving away from gray and corporate design of the original design, a lot of friendly design elements and helpful tips were included to introduce more human feeling. I was the lead UX/UI designer of Directory tool and motion designer for this launch video.